5 Best Zigbee Hubs

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As smart home technology is rapidly evolving, the flawless networking empowered by Zigbee lets you control your smart home devices easily.

With many Zigbee devices available in the market, finding what fits your exact need isn’t easy!

To save you time, I have thoroughly researched the best smart home hubs and picked the ones with Zigbee capabilities, great features, and potential feature updates.

Read on to learn more!

What is the best Zigbee Hub?

The best Zigbee hub is the one that functions according to your needs. Following are the top picks from my research.

Read on and pick the one that suits you best!

After technical research and customer feedback, the listed products proved to be the best Zigbee hubs for smart home automation.

Let’s discuss the best Zigbee hubs for your home in more detail.

1. Aeotec Smart Home Hub

The Aeotect Smart Home Hub wins first due to its affordability, security, connectivity features, and various brands’ wide options of smart appliances, sensors, and voice assistants. 

It is certified with essential communication and networking protocols, such as Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi, and Matter. It is best to set it up with an ethernet connection. You can set it up with wifi, but it works better with ethernet with no signal loss.

Key Features

  • Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Matters, Z-Wave Plus Communication Protocols
  • Connects to over 5,000 devices from dozens of brands
  • Certified for voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home
  • No monthly subscription required 
  • Aesthetically beautiful futuristic design that mounts on the wall
  • Allows you to control your home with Android and iOS phones by SmartThings app


  • It needs repeaters to extend its range over two rooms or floors
  • Firmware Update takes considerable time 

Bottom Line

Due to its vast compatibility and affordable price, this hub beats other players in the market. Over Zigbee protocol, it provides continuous connectivity despite the internet disconnectivity. 

I will recommend Aeotect Smart Home Hub to anyone looking for a compact design that mounts on the wall and connects to many devices and brands.

2. eMylo Wireless Zigbee & Bluetooth Gateway

This eMylo smart home hub lets you enjoy seamless connectivity through 3-in-1 Zigbee 3.0 and 2.4 Wi-Fi and 5.0 Bluetooth protocols. Its powerful integration tool lets users control smart devices with Zigbee and Bluetooth with just a single app. 

This Zigbee-supported smart home network gateway requires no cables to communicate between devices. You only need to plug in with power and start setting up wirelessly through internet apps called Smartlife Life and Toya. 

Key Features

  • Offers 3 in 1 connectivity protocols (Zigbee 3.0, 5.0 Bluetooth, and Wifi 2.4)
  • App remote control ( Smart Life and Toya apps) even from far away from home
  • Compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, and Google Home
  • Connects with a maximum of up to 50 devices
  • Easy to set over wireless connectivity protocols
  • Aesthetic design that fits right on any table 
  • Lightweight, easy to move around when needed


  • It has a device limit of up to 50 over Bluetooth and Zigbee
  • It only Works on 2.4 wife frequency 
  • No battery 

Bottom line

With a price tag highly affordable, eMylo Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wifi support is a sweet spot for medium house owners. Due to its accessibility and friendly app user interface, there are close to no complexities. 

3. Echo (4th Gen) Smart Home Hub

Echo is for those who love to control their homes with voice assistance.

Manufactured by Amazon, this device is a multifunctional spherical hub that gives you control over entertainment and comes with a built-in smart home hub with commonly used communication protocols such as Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Amazon Sidewalk, and Matter.

After my research, I found extremely encouraging user feedback due to its performance and key features. 

In addition, it can develop automatic triggers based on your routine. With an integrated Alexa guard, it detects smoke signals, sounds of glass breaking, and moments of emergencies to trigger an emergency protocol.

Unlike the newer Echo Dot 5th Gen, this device is a built-in Zigbee smart home hub.

Key Features

  • Connectivity over Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sidewalk, and Matter ( 5 in 1)
  • Cool looking spherical sleek design that matches any surface
  • HD sounds and entertainment via its smart speakers
  • Built-in eero networking mesh technology increases the range up to 1000 sq. feet.
  • Easy to set up with user manual guide
  • Instant Voice control, Alexa is ready to help 
  • Available in Charcoal, Glacier white, and twilight colors 
  • Connects huge numbers of devices 
  • Works with Alexa Guard to maintain security and breach
  • Designed to Protect your privacy


  • It works with only Alexa
  • Maybe a slightly more expensive option than others
  • No smart displays

Bottom line

I have found the Echo (4th Gen) by Amazon a really proficient device capable of smart routines with many other smart home devices via voice commands.

It adapts to the connecting technologies and provides easy-to-set royalty. The slightly overpriced does pay off in terms of its reliability and functioning. 

4. Hubitat C-7 Home Automation Hub

The Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Zigbee-powered hub is one of my favorites because of its reliable and faster connectivity on the local processing networks. It has the least latency among its competitors. 

As the data is stored locally, no third parties have access that ensures state-of-the-art privacy. It works with connectivity protocols  Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave 8, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi and has features that you will love. 

Key features

  • Zigbee 3.0, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave 800 radio antennas as connectivity protocols
  • Connects to 1000+ compatible smart devices from 100+ brands 
  • Voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit
  • Locally processed automation for faster connectivity, no delay, and secure function
  • Includes a powerful set of built-in applications to support quick automation 
  • It lets you control your devices through the Andriod and iOS apps with no subscription charges
  • Customizable Dashboard for an efficient control


  • The device is lighter than the ethernet and power cable, making it unstable to sit on the table. 
  • UI/UX must align with modern looks to be easily used.
  • No smart display

Bottom Line

As a smart home designer, I like a hub for its locally processed connectivity as it is faster, has no delay, and has a secure function. If you love playing with tech, then this device is an absolute fit.

However, users who are less techie may find the UI/UX difficult initially, but it works well. 

5. Sengled Z02 Zigbee Hub

Do you have a small home that you need to integrate with a smart lighting system?

Sangled Z02 Zigbee Hub is the best fit as an automation hub for your office or home. You will have a fast, reliable connection and communication protocol between your lights and smart devices. 

After doing some research, It is recommended that you use Sengled lights and smart devices to avoid any inconvenience. The following are key features: 

Key Features

  • Connect Up to 64 smart lights and accessories powered by Sengled 
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Zigbee Protocols 
  • Works with Voice control such as Amazon Alexa and Hey Google
  • Customized lighting scenes Control
  • Works with remote apps on Android and iOS with Sengled Home App
  • 4-step easy Installation process
  • Third-party hub compatibility 
  • Light-weight unique design to match your smart home look
  • t provide the value of money
  • 3 years Warranty offered in the description


  • It works best for Sengled Lighting smart devices with other brands, but I found connecting with them difficult.
  • Slightly Limited functionality because the main focus on lighting.

Bottom Line

If you have a small home and need a Zigbee Hub for lighting, I recommend installing it because it has multiple customizations to set up scenes according to the moods.

What to Look for in a smart home Zigbee hub?

A Zigbee hub plays a pivotal role in networking and connection between appliances in a smart home ecosystem. It controls the communication between sensors, lights, fans, thermostats, and building security.

One of the key attributes that Zigbee offers is a seamless exchange of information through a wireless communication protocol, which can be monitored through smartphones and voice-assistant-powered devices.

Before you purchase a smart home gateway hub, you must look for the features of the world’s best Zigbee hub listed below. 

  • Compatibility: The hub should be able to connect and communicate with large sets of devices of your needs, such as sensors, lights, thermostats, locks, and more. Make sure it works for most of the manufacturers.
  • Network Range: Hub’s range should cover your entire house. Zigbee hubs for smart homes offer mesh networking through devices, extending the range and smootening the experience. 
  • Device Support: Zigbee Hub should support essential profile supports such as Zigbee home automation ( ZHA ) and Zigbee Light Link (ZLL).
  • Security: Check robust security features like data encryption and secured device connectivity. 
  • Voice Assistant Integration: Smoothly works with prominent voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit.
  • User Interface: It should be easy to operate and set for nontechnical users. 


Why do I Need a Zigbee Hub for my home?

Zigbee is a futuristic connectivity protocol for low-powered devices. It helps you connect your devices if your home lacks the facility of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Internet. Therefore, you need the best Zigbee hub to run your smart home smoothly.

I find the best use case for Zigbee hubs when there is a power outage in my home!

Can I expand my Zigbee-operated smart home System with time?

Yes! Zigbee is flexible as it allows you to add as many connected devices as you require because of its mesh networking capability without losing any performance points. 

Do Zigbee Hubs Need to be Updated?

Most of the Zigbee-supported Hubs work for a long time without undergoing an update. However, Amazon  Echo (4th Gen) and Aeotect Hub do provide firmware updates. Most of the updates received are security patches and privacy settings. 

Will Zigbee devices be replaced by other protocols? 

Zigbee is unlikely to be replaced by other protocols. The Zigbee protocol is very secure and does not require an Internet connection. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, you can rely on the Zigbee protocol without worrying.

Final Thoughts

A smart home core feature is the Zigbee hub, which connects and controls all the devices. With over a million products storming into the market, selecting the best one for your needs has become harder.

Moreover, you need more budget and time to opt for a flawless product that fits your requirements. All the features, compatibilities, and cons are explained in detail, allowing you to choose what is best for your home. 

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