Hi, I’m Justin 👋🏻

tl;dr – I’m a tech blogger and I write about tech, web3, analytics and home content!

And here’s my personal story.

Since a young age, I’ve always been curious about how things work and how I can further optimize them. I constantly craved innovative ways to work around situations because I am just quite a lazy person.

I like to work smart, and not just blindly hard!

However, with an Asian upbringing, education was my primary focus.

I was fortunate enough to study biological sciences in college and successfully graduated in 2021.

While I was doing my bioscience degree, I was constantly on the search for something that would give me higher satisfaction. I knew I was simply not cut out for the typical research path that led to a Ph.D.

I joined my school club as a President, I took part in data science competitions, I learned how to code, I learned to write a blog, and I always passionately sought after the next big thing to learn.

I was thoroughly fascinated with the world of data analytics at this point because of a certain Professor (thank you Dr. Goh!) and a biostatistics module I took. There were also a number of reasons why I picked it as my career.

Data analytics was rather tough but not impossible to learn.

I watched YouTube tutorials, took online courses and online + physical classes, and self-taught myself programming.

I even remember being so desperate to take up ANY form of an internship, paid or unpaid, just to get some traction to practice and showcase my skills to employers.

With iterative learning, practicing on data analytics projects, and going for internships, I built a decent data analytics portfolio for myself. I even made a website to build a digital presence for myself.

As a result, I gave up the poor job prospects of my major and began a job in data analytics, landing my first job as a Data Analyst at a local hospital.

Although I loved the data analytics industry because it’s deemed somewhat cool, I soon realized it was only fun when I could solve problems that required innovative solutions.

Work started to get mundane with the same repetitive tasks being done over and over with small bug fixes required.

I longed for a change in my life.

Then, 2020 came by, and my life was changed forever.

The pandemic hit, and I was forced to work from home. I started dabbling with building a stronger online presence for myself. I started reading self-improvement e-books on my Kindle and grew my self-awareness levels.

With the year, I was quickly hit by consecutive down moments in my life:

  1. I had no luck in love
  2. I lost my beloved grandmother,
  3. and the worst of it all – I lost my mum to Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer,

This happened all within the span of 1 year.

Taking one blow after another, I sought the meaning of life harder than I could ever have done before.

That’s when I knew what people meant by “death helps us appreciate life”, as cliche as it sounds.

In those formative yet pivotal years of my early 20s, I started to develop a sense of lucid purpose in my life.

Then I had an epiphany moment!

I realized that it’s not just about treasuring life, it’s about giving my life back to others and helping others – all while finding the freedom of creative expression through blogging!

And so I began this journey of creating this blog as an outlet for all my energy, powered by my relentless quest for something new and better.

I later discovered the highly disruptive and innovative Web 3.0 space, where I found myself being right in my zone of excellence. I knew I wanted to share the knowledge I had with others like you.

In recent times, my added knowledge in tech, analytics, home tech, and web3 has snowballed to become a great advantage – one that I use to blog and share with you.

And this blog has been my expression of giving back and sharing my information with the masses like you.

So join me on this journey of finding and sharing innovative ideas with each other, whether that be through web3, analytics, or home tech.

See you around!

Justin Chia

Let’s connect: justin@justjooz.com