7 Best Washing Machines in Singapore

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Dirty clothes can pile up faster than you think.

Washing machines are essential appliances to help you automate cleaning in your home, keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

I know it isn’t easy to find options for washing machines in Singapore, So I compiled this list to help you out!

So, let’s delve into the options available – read on!

What is the best washing machine in Singapore?

I have done some deep research into the market and came up with the best washing machines in Singapore.

Each has advantages and features that will make your laundry day a breeze!

Here are the washing machines I recommend:

For more details, read more about each washing machine I recommend below:

1. LG TH2100DSAW 10 KG Washing Machine

The LG TH2100DSAW 10 KG Washing Machine is a great option if you have a large family and want to spend more money to spend less time worrying about laundry.

This particular set comes with free delivery + free installation + free disposal of your previous washing machine.

In my opinion, this is the perfect washing machine that stands out because of its smart functionality, which allows you to remotely turn on or off your washing machine.

Also, its 10kg size is the perfect size for large families.

Key Features

  • Top-load washing machine
  • 3-tick water efficiency rating
  • Powerful wash with Turbo Drum using WaveForce™ and JetSpray technology to generate powerful waves to enhance washing and rinsing.
  • Quick laundry washing within 40 minutes
  • Auto tub cleaning helps prevent odors from building up in the drum
  • Auto lint filter to prevent linting of clothes
  • Control using your WiFi (SmartThinQ™ technology)
  • Dimensions: 540mm (W) x 945mm (H) x 540mm (D)
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Includes aftercare services
  • Great for large families


  • Big in size, won’t be able to fit in small spaces
  • Higher in price

Bottom Line

Out of all the washing machines in this list, this top load washing machine serves up great value for its functionality – perfect for a large load for large families.

I recommend this if you are in the market for washing machines that are from a reliable brand (LG) and are water-efficient.

2. TOSHIBA BH95S2S 8.5KG Front Load Washing Machine

The TOSHIBA BH95S2S washing machine is known for its ability to handle coloured laundry well!

Moreover, what I’m really impressed by is that it uses GREATWAVES technology to allow for a more energy-efficient wash, especially for clothes with colours.


  • 8.5kg washing capacity
  • Front-load washing machine
  • 1200rpm spin speed
  • GREATWAVES technology allows for a cold wash, allowing for a 70% more energy-efficient wash
  • GREATWAVES technology also generates rotation speeds intelligently to penetrate fabric better


  • May not be large enough for large families

Bottom Line

The TOSHIBA BH95S2S washing machine is great for you if you are looking for a washing machine that is suitable for colours and is highly energy-efficient, allowing you to save lots of money in return!

3. SHARP ES718X 7KG Top Load Washing Machine

This SHARP ES718X is a 7kg top load washing machine with a top-loading feature that makes loading and unloading clothes easy.

In addition, it comes equipped with advanced features such as the 10-step wash cycle, which provides a comprehensive cleaning experience for your laundry.

Furthermore, the fuzzy control technology checks the extent of dirt and grease, ensuring that the washing machine operates efficiently and effectively while giving you precise control.

Key Features

  • A stainless steel tub is built into the washing machine.
  • The auto start ensures the machine auto starts working after a power cut.
  • Washboard texture ensures clothes stay in place during the wash cycle.
  • The child lock feature protects you from accidental turn-on operations.
  • Hot and cold water inlet options ensure you can wash both water types.
  • The bubble soak technology helps to remove tough dirt gently.
  • Wide range of wash programs.
  • A built-in timer allows you to set wash cycle duration.
  • Top-loading washing machine
  • Two years warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The machine is a non-inverter, which means it consumes much electricity.
  • It’s pretty noisy during the spin cycle and can bother some people.

Bottom Line

What sets this SHARP washing machine apart is its range of wash programs and timer settings. Its price with great features makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for washing machines on a budget.

4. LG T2108VSPM2 8KG Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine

Are you worried about your laundry not coming out clean and fresh?

The LG T2108VSPM2 8KG Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine is here to help you out!

Powered by a smart direct-drive motor, it offers many features and benefits that make washing clothes hassle-free. 

Smart Diagnosis can detect and address any potential mechanical issues before they become a problem.

Furthermore, its easy-to-use ergonomics design allows you to operate the machine efficiently, while its powerful water streams ensure thorough cleaning of your clothes.

Key Features

  • Smart Inverter technology enables efficient operation by consuming 60% less energy.
  • Smart motion technology senses and adjusts the water level and wash time.
  • The built-in TurboDrum Wash feature helps reduce the time taken for washing by 20 minutes.
  • The Auto Wash feature lets you set desired wash cycles with just one touch.
  • The unique Aqua Energie filter helps reduce limescale build-up in your washing machine.
  • The child lock ensures the safety of your little ones.


  • Some customers claim that it is very noisy during operation.
  • The LED display is relatively small and can be challenging to read in low-light conditions.

Bottom Line

This LG washing machine offers plenty of convenience with its one-touch auto wash feature, Aqua Energie filter, and child lock that ensures safety, making it tremendous value for money.

This top-load washing machine price is great for the features you’re getting!

5. MIDEA MF768W 7KG Front Load Washing Machine

Do you have a limited budget?

Don’t worry; you can still get the best washing machine with the Midea MF768W.

Despite its affordable price, this front-loading washing machine has various washing settings that make laundry easy and fast, ensuring that your family always has clean clothes.

In addition, its anti-wrinkle technology minimizes wrinkling and creasing of clothes. It also features a timer delay, allowing you to time the machine’s operation conveniently.

Key Features

  • The spin speed of 1400 RPM ensures fast drying of clothes.
  • Foam control technology prevents excessive foam build-up.
  • The LED display is easy to read and makes the machine intuitive.
  • The single-tub semi-auto feature enables the machine to complete the washing cycle with a single tub.
  • The auto balance system automatically adjusts for uneven loads.
  • This product is unique because it has four water efficiency ticks.
  • The kid’s lock feature prevents children from changing the machine and dryer.
  • The machine also includes a wash timer with three options for setting.
  • 12 years of motor warranty ensures a long-lasting and trouble-free operation.


  • Lower energy efficiency due to non-inverter motor
  • Higher operation costs

Bottom Line

This front-load washing machine stands out for its spin speed, auto balance system, kid’s lock feature, and 12 years of motor warranty.

The affordable price tag makes it an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers.

6. Toshiba TW-BL95A4S 8.5kg Washing Machine

If you have a medium-sizes household, we understand that washing your laundry by hand would be very tiring.

However, the Toshiba TW-BL95A4S is a washing machine with a large 8.5 kg capacity and robust motor recommended for families with many laundries.

As a result, you can be confident that you can easily wash and dry your family’s clothes.

Key Features

  • 99.9% sterilisation rates due to steam washing features
  • The cold wash feature helps prevent colors from running.
  • Smart WiFi control (great for smart home geeks!)
  • A tempered glass window allows users to check the washing progress inside
  • 10-year warranty provided
  • Energy saving
  • Front-load washing machine


  • Pricier than other models
  • No dryer function

Bottom Line

The Toshiba TW-BL95A4S washing machine is an excellent choice for households with light to medium-duty laundry needs.

Its advanced features, including air turbo technology and a tempered glass window, make it a tremendous energy-saving option.

7.  LG T2108VSAW 8KG Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine

Are you searching for a top-load washer that is both smart and energy-efficient?

Here it is!

The LG T2108VSAW is a top-loading washing machine with a cool inverter tech that operates on minimal electricity while delivering the same power.

It has a total capacity of 8 kilograms, perfect for large families or those who need to do multiple laundry loads in one go.

Key Features

  • Smart motion technology helps reduce unnecessary wear and tear on fabrics. 
  • TurboDrum makes the washing process more efficient.
  • It also offers punch+3 technology that creates powerful streams of water, which aid the cleaning process.
  • Less vibration and noise due to the Auto Balance System keeping the drum balanced.
  • It also has side waterfalls that help to reduce the damage to delicate fabrics.
  • A wide diamond glass lid with a get opening makes it easier to view inside.
  • 10 years of warranty on the motor and a 2-year local warranty on the product.


  • It is not suitable for heavy fabrics as it can cause damage due to the powerful water streams.
  • The price range might be a bit higher than some of the competitive models in the market.

Bottom Line

This top-load washing machine is excellent for those seeking a reliable washing machine with superior features and power.

The unique drum design, multiple wash programs, wide-opening lid, and comprehensive warranty make this an ideal choice.

Buying Tips For The Best Washing Machines In Singapore

It is very significant to invest in a good washing machine when you are living in Singapore.

When choosing one, it is essential to consider factors such as:

  • The washing machine must have the capacity to handle at least 7kg of laundry load.
  • It must be energy-efficient and water-saving, which will help you save on your bills in the long run.
  • The washing machine should also have multiple programs such as pre-wash, intensive wash, and unique fabrics to work well for different fabrics.
  • The warranty period should be long enough to ensure your purchase is safe.
  • Last but not least, the machine should also be easy to install and use so that you can get it up and running quickly.

Considering all these factors, you can ensure you get the best washing machine for your needs.

What are Top Load Washing Machines?

Top load washing machines are a type of washing machine where clothes are loaded from the top of the machine into a large, round drum.

This style of washing machine has been around for decades and is often chosen for its ease of use and straightforward design.

The top load washers come with various features, including varying spin cycles, hot and cold water options, multiple pre-programmed wash cycles, and water level controls. Some models also offer smart technology.

Wrap Up

Every household needs an efficient washing machine that can save energy and time.

However, with our busy routines as Singaporeans, no one has enough time to check the washing processes of different machines.

These washing machines available in Singapore are all equipped with advanced and unique features that allow the users to trust and use them.

We have mentioned all the machines’ pros and cons to help you decide which is best suited for your laundry needs.

Pick the one that meets your specific requirements, and enjoy an effortless washing experience.

All the best with doing laundry and finding the best washing machine in Singapore!

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