5 Best Automated Laundry System Singapore

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Singapore has limited land space, and our BTOs and even resale flats need a space-efficient laundry solution.

What if, rather than facing a daunting pile of laundry all over your home, you’re greeted by a sleek, efficient machine that saves space?

With the emergence of Singapore’s automatic clothes drying racks, the chore of hanging clothes out on a pole has become a seamless experience. (That also saves on space!)

In this blog, you’ll learn about the best automated laundry systems in Singapore.

Let’s get started!

What are the Best Automated Laundry Systems in Singapore?

I did some research to come up with the best automated laundry rack Singapore has to offer for you so you don’t have to!

The best automated laundry systems in Singapore are:

1. SINGGATE LS026 & LS029 Automated Smart Laundry System

Elevate your laundry routine with the SINGGATE LS026 and LS029 Heater Drying Automated Smart Laundry Systems.

It is a fusion of innovation and convenience that redefines how you dry your clothes.

These modern retractable indoor drying racks are designed to blend into any home interior seamlessly, offering faster drying performance and a customizable experience that aligns with your unique style.

Key Features

  • Auto-sensing technology that detects obstacles and adjusts lifting
  • Tailor your drying experience to your personal preferences.
  • Equipped with essential features (such as obstacle & lift sensing, remote control, quiet operation, 35kg load capacity, drop distance 1300mm, and 2 extendable poles) that enhance functionality. 
  • Conventional size range of 1,380 to 2,400mm, a drop distance of 1,300mm for efficient air circulation
  • The extendable poles (2 poles included), LED lighting, quiet operation, remote control, and obstacle & lift sensing enhance the experience.
  • The dual UV module ensures optimal drying conditions for your clothes.
  • For a modern touch, control your drying experience through the mobile app.
  • A modern solution that combines efficiency, convenience


  • The initial investment might be higher compared to traditional drying methods. 
  • As modern as these systems are, they require a certain amount of space for installation.

Bottom Line

These systems are worthy contenders if you’re seeking a modern solution that combines efficiency, convenience, and aesthetics.

In my opinion, it’s a smarter way to dry your laundry.

2. RH003S Automated Laundry Rack Smart Laundry System

Take your laundry game up with the Automated Laundry Rack Smart Laundry System.

This modern marvel enhances the efficiency of drying your clothes and adds a touch of innovation to your living space.

The system comes with the convenience of standard installation, ensuring a seamless transition into your home.

Key Features

  • The range offers models in different sizes (between 1000mm x 500mm and 1600mm x 500mm) and colors such as grey, silver, black, white and champagne.
  • With extendable poles and a drop-down distance of 1.3m, this system ensures optimal air circulation
  • Manage the system effortlessly with the included wireless remote control
  • Many models have a UV disinfectant feature that automatically turns off after 30 minutes
  • Enjoy the benefits of a dual fan blower that automatically switches off after 2 hours
  • Specific models offer a dual heater function that auto shuts off after 2 hours
  • The systems come equipped with obstacle-sensing technology that ensures safe and smooth operation
  • Control your system using voice commands, making laundry management even more hands-free
  • Illuminate the drying area with built-in LED lights


  • The product might be on the pricier side.
  • Certain features like voice command and dual heater are available only in specific models.

Bottom Line 

This system streamlines your laundry routine from efficient drying to smart features like UV disinfection and voice command (in selected models). 

3. Philips SDR601UB0 Automated Laundry System

Discover the best laundry care with the Philips Automated Laundry System SDR601UB0.

This innovative automatic indoor drying rack is designed to revolutionize your drying experience. It provides ease in the laundry experience and enhances your leisure time.

Its advanced features help you to simplify your laundry routine.

Key Features 

  • The system offers traditional air-drying capabilities
  • You can dry your clothes naturally while conserving energy.
  • With smart heat drying technology, this dryer ensures your clothes are dried quickly
  • It maintains the fabric integrity
  • The split level rods maximize the drying space, accommodating a variety of clothing items 
  • Illuminate the drying area with built-in LED lights
  • The system is equipped with an overload alert feature that notifies you if you’ve placed too many clothes on the rods
  • You receive a free 3 year of warranty; the motor warranty extends up to 5 years.


  • The initial investment includes the product price and potential installation costs.
  • The advanced features might require some familiarization for optimal utilization.

Bottom Line

With features like air drying, smart heat drying, split level rods, LED lights, and overload alerts, this system caters to various drying needs. 

4. Varlux Automated Laundry Rack System w/ Fan/UV Light

Upgrade your laundry routine with the Varlux Automated Laundry Rack System, a smart and efficient solution to simplify your drying process.

With built-in features like a fan and UV light, this system is engineered to provide optimal drying conditions for your clothes while ensuring their freshness and hygiene.

Unlike previous automatic drying racks, this rack has a wide range of sizes and is very stable.

Key Features

  • Features an integrated fan that facilitates efficient airflow.
  • Accelerates the drying process for your clothes.
  • Equipped with UV light technology
  • Helps to eliminate bacteria and odors
  • Ensures that your clothes are not only dry but also clean and fresh.
  • Enjoy long-term peace of mind with an impressive 7-year supplier’s warranty on the motor. 
  • The warranty underscores the product’s durability and reliability.


  • No option for returns or refunds may limit flexibility for certain customers.
  • Installation on false ceilings incurs an additional charge.

Bottom Line

While the lack of return/refund options might be a consideration, the benefits of efficient drying, UV light sanitization, and a comprehensive warranty package make this system a valuable addition to any household.

5. SINGGATE L2026 Automated Smart Laundry System

Revolutionize your laundry experience with the SINGGATE LS026 Smart Laundry System.

It is a cutting-edge, innovative machine designed to make drying your clothes smarter, more efficient, and effortlessly convenient.

This modern retractable indoor drying rack seamlessly blends form and function. Furthermore, it adds a touch of innovation to your home’s interior while offering exceptional drying performance.

Key Features

  • A hassle-free solution to drying your clothes
  • You can customize the clip colors and choose the ones you like.
  • The laundry system ehnhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • The system’s auto-sensing technology detects obstacles and adjusts lifting accordingly
  • It ensures a smooth and convenient drying process.
  • Offers a conventional size range of 1,380 to 2,400mm
  • The dual fan module, dual heat drying, and dual UV module ensure optimal drying 
  • The mobile app control (which requires an IR controller) adds a modern touch to managing your laundry.
  • The system’s quiet operation ensures minimal sound pollution.


  • The advanced features might require a learning curve for optimal utilization.
  • Mobile app control requires an additional IR controller.

Bottom Line:

The SINGGATE LS026 Heater Drying Automated Smart Laundry System’s smart, automated features take the hassle out of drying clothes, and its customizable design ensures it seamlessly blends into your home.


What are automated laundry racks?

Automated laundry racks are innovative devices that utilize advanced technology to simplify the process of drying clothes. By circulating warm air or utilizing infrared technology, these racks efficiently dry wet clothes, saving time and energy compared to traditional methods.

How does an automated laundry rack work?

An automated laundry rack typically works by providing a controlled environment for drying clothes. It uses features such as adjustable rods or hangers to hang wet clothes and then circulates warm air or employs infrared technology to accelerate the drying process.

Some models may also include sensors to detect the moisture level in the clothes and adjust the settings accordingly, ensuring efficient and effective drying.

Buying Tips For The Best Automated Laundry Systems In Singapore

Choosing the best automated laundry system requires careful consideration of your specific circumstances.

If you are living in Singapore, consider the following tips.

  • Spend time researching and comparing different models to find the one that best aligns with your needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Think about the long-term benefits of convenience, efficiency, and potential savings in time.
  • If you’re unsure about installation, opt for professional installation services provided by the manufacturer.
  • Consider any specific features or preferences you might have, such as voice command capabilities, remote control options, or color choices.
  • Compare the prices of different models with their features and warranty coverage to ensure you’re getting good value for your investment.
  • Look into the availability of customer support and service centers in case you encounter any issues with the product in the future.
  • Consider purchasing from reputable brands known for their quality and innovation in home appliances.
  • Research user reviews and testimonials to gauge real-world experiences with the product. 

By considering these buying tips, you can make an informed decision and find a system that brings ease and efficiency to your laundry routine in Singapore.

Wrap Up

Automated laundry systems have redefined the way we approach the mundane task of laundry.

Our comprehensive guide has delved into the automated laundry racks Singapore has to offer, highlighting their key features, advantages, and potential considerations.

Whether it’s the convenience of remote control, the efficiency of UV disinfection, or the futuristic touch of voice command, these systems offer a range of options to suit your preferences and requirements.

We have mentioned all the machines’ pros and cons to help you decide which is best suited for your laundry needs.

Pick the automatic laundry rack that aligns with your needs, and let your laundry process be a breeze!

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