How to Check SkillsFuture Credit Balance (3 Easy Steps!)

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SkillsFuture was an initiative released in 2015 to help Singaporeans upskill by taking up classes through third-party trainers and courses — regardless of your starting point in life!

Since then, many Singaporeans have used their SkillsFuture credit to land in-demand jobs in hot sectors like data analytics, UX design, digital marketing, and business management.

In this article, I will cover how to check your SkillsFuture Credit so you know how much you have been given!

Be sure to read to the end because knowing your SkillsFuture Credit will help you decide which course you can take with your current balance.

Read on for more information!

What is SkillsFuture?

SkillsFuture is a movement by the Singaporean government in 2015 to provide everyday Singaporeans to upskill themselves throughout their entire lifetimes, regardless of their beginning position.

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above will have received an opening credit of S$500. It aims to promote lifelong learning and ownership of skills development in life.

What is SkillsFuture Credit?

SkillsFuture Credit is a credit balance given to all Singaporeans to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for work-related courses taken by them — to upskill them with new in-demand skills.

SkillsFuture Credit is often used to augment subsidies already given by the Singapore Government or by employers.

The main purpose of the SkillsFuture Credit is to encourage Singaporeans to begin learning new relevant skills in the digital age, without costing them any money.

How to Check SkillsFuture Credit?

SkillsFuture Credit will allow you to claim up to a certain balance to cover the costs of courses you take that are SkillsFuture-eligible.

Follow the following steps to check your SkillsFuture Credit balance:

1. Navigate to the SkillsFuture Portal

Firstly, navigate to the SkillsFuture Portal and click on the Login button.

2. Login via Singpass

Next, select Login via Singpass if you are a Singaporean/PR. Key in your portal ID if you are a Foreign Tertiary Student in Singapore.

Using your Singpass to log in will pull your information from Singpass. You will need to use your smartphone that is already logged in to Singpass to log in via this method.

Login via your smartphone shown below and authenticate your login.

The SkillsFuture portal will update and login to your account. You can close your Singpass phone app now.

3. Check SkillsFuture Credit Balance

Once logged in, you will find your SkillsFuture Credit balance in the top right corner of the screen.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the SkillsFuture Credit claims page here to check your balance and what it has been used for.

Here is what the SkillsFuture Credit claim page looks like for my account:

Congrats, you’re done! 🎉

Within the portal, you’ll also be able to explore the SkillsFuture-Eligible courses you can take, which you can use the SkillsFuture Credit for.

What can SkillsFuture Credit be used for?

SkillsFuture Credit is a valuable resource that can be utilized for a diverse range of courses and training programs to enhance one’s skills and knowledge.

It can be used for various areas such as coding, data analytics, presentation skills, design skills, language skills, and problem-solving. By leveraging SkillsFuture Credit, individuals have the opportunity to acquire new skills and stay relevant in an ever-evolving job market.

It’s worth noting that SkillsFuture Credit can be combined with other government subsidies, making it more accessible for individuals to pursue their learning and career development goals.

To submit SkillsFuture Credit Claims and claim SkillsFuture Credit, go to its official website to apply.

To explore the full list of approved courses and understand the eligibility criteria, you can visit the official MySkillsFuture website for more information.

I got additional SkillsFuture Credit after I turned 25, and after my military service.

Final Thoughts

SkillsFuture Credit can be used for a lot of courses available in the SkillsFuture Portal. I encourage you to take a look at yourself and discover which areas you want to continue upskilling in.

The best part is that it’s all covered by the Government! Which Singaporean doesn’t love free money/SkillsFuture Credits?!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this article has helped you in your lifelong learning journey.

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