eero Beacons & Functions: 17 KEY Things To Know!

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eero Beacons can be quite confusing because they don’t quite work the same as the normal eero!

I noticed that many people were asking simple questions like “What does eero Beacon do?”, without getting the answer they desire.

So I did some research online, found some concrete answers, and compiled this guide for you!

Read on to learn all about eero Beacons and their functionalities!

1. Short Introduction to eero Beacons

Before we dive right into the details and features of an eero Beacon, you need to first understand what they are!

eero Beacons act as access points that connect to the main eero routers. eero beacons can only extend the range of the existing eero mesh wifi network throughout a home. eero beacons can extend the WiFi range by up to 1500 square feet. eero Beacons have speeds of 350 Mbps and work on WiFi 5.

Simply put, they extend the range of your eero wifi mesh system!

The above pictures show the front and back of the eero Beacon.

Because of its sleek and simple design, it can easily blend into the rest of the furnishing of your home.

Here are its dimensions:

One thing to note: it doesn’t have any power cable, but it plugs directly into a wall socket or power switch for power.

Here’s a summary table to summarise the technical specifications of an eero Beacon:

Specificationseero Beacon
Dimensions211.8mm x 30.5mm (8.3″ x 1.2″)
Wifi standardsWi-Fi 5
Number of radios2; dual-band
Speed ratingAC1300
Coverage1,500 sq. ft.
Speed350 Mbps
Parental ControlsYes
Smart Home
No Smart Home Hub
Bluetooth 4.2
No Zigbee
Radio Frequency2.4 GHz: 2×2
5 GHz: 2×2
Ethernet portNone
App SupportiOS & Android

If you’re looking at good parental controls, check out the best inline from Orbi. I wrote an article about it here:

Watch the video below to find out what the eero Beacon is all about:

Now you know what it looks like, how does it really work?

I know that all the terminology can be a little confusing, especially if you’re new to this product.

There are simply too many products with the name “eero”!

Here’s a link to a table compiled by the eero support team to summarize their differences.

One interesting thing to note about eero Beacons is that they are an Amazon company, which means if you are already deeply entrenched in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem, you’ll love it.

eero Beacons are able to be controlled using the Alexa voice assistant.

Here are a few skill commands you can give to Alexa to control your eero:

Commandeero Response
“Alexa, ask eero to find my phone”Alexa explains which eero your phone is closest to
“Alexa, ask eero to turn off the LEDs”All eero device lights are turned off
“Alexa, ask eero to turn off the living room light”Only the ‘living room’ eero light is turned off

If you’re looking for a place to purchase one, do check out these links for the current prices:

WebsiteLinks to purchase
AmazonCheck price
Best BuyCheck price
eeroCheck price

Make sure to check all of the websites above, because there are always sales going on with this product!

2. Do I Need an eero Router or eero Beacon?

Earlier, I mentioned that eero Beacons need to be connected to a network created by an eero. What’s the real difference?

Here’s a table to summarise eero and eero Beacon differences so you won’t get lost:

Featureseeroeero Beacon
PurposeActs as a wifi mesh routerActs as wifi mesh access point
SpeedFaster speedsSlower speeds
PriceMore expensiveCheaper
UsageEstablished mesh wifi networkExtends range of mesh wifi networks

Simply put, the eero is the one that you would connect to your modem to receive cable internet, and the eero Beacon is the one that receives the WiFi signal from your eero and boosts it.

3. Is eero Beacon Better Than Eero?

eero Beacon is better than eero at extending the range of an existing eero wifi mesh system and it is also cheaper. eero Beacons act as access points that extend the range of an existing eero wifi mesh system, whereas eero act as routers that eero Beacons connect to.

There actually isn’t really any that’s better than the other!

eero Beacons were made to be used in tandem with eeros to blanket a home with a wide range of mesh wifi signals.

eero Beacons were made to be used as an add-on to a wifi mesh network created by an eero.

4. Is eero Beacon a WiFi Extender?

eero Beacon is not a WiFi extender, but an access point. Each eero Beacon works as a single node that contributes to an existing eero mesh WiFi network. However, eero Beacon still works to extend the range of the mesh WiFi network. eero Beacons will work on the same network name (SSID) and not split it.

I know that we are all used to things like WiFi extenders, which have helped us extend the range of our WiFi systems in the past.

But technology has advanced a little now and eero Beacons are a little different – they don’t create a separate SSID that you need to constantly switch back and forth with when you’re walking around your house.

If you’re wondering which devices the eero Beacon is compatible with, here’s a summary table:

eero Deviceeero Beacon compatible?eero 6 extender compatible?WiFi 5 or WiFi 6
eero Pro 6EYesYesWiFi 6
eero Pro 6YesYesWiFi 6
eero 6+YesYesWiFi 6
eero 6YesYesWiFi 6
eeroYesNoWiFi 5

This was something that I was very frustrated with my WiFi extenders in the past until I bought up a WiFi mesh network system: the TP-Link Deco X90.

This offered a seamless connection experience where the individual units are all connected in one single mesh, so I didn’t have to switch my internet every time I walk out of my bedroom into the dining area!

If you’re curious to read about other WiFi mesh options like TP-Link Deco, check out this other article I wrote:

The eero Beacon works in the very same way, with the same WiFi mesh technology that enables this seamless connectivity.

If you’re already familiar with other mesh systems, it’s like the Satellite Orbis in NETGEAR Orbi mesh WiFi systems.

Read these articles to learn more:

5. eero 6 Extender vs eero Beacon

The eero 6 extender and eero Beacon perform a similar function but are quite different in their capabilities and compatibility with eero and eero Pros.

This table summarizes the differences between the eero Beacon and eero 6 extenders (as listed on the eero website):

Featureseero Beaconeero 6 extender
PurposeAccess PointRange Extender
WiFiWiFi 5WiFi 6
Processor700 MHz quad-core processor1.2 GHz quad-core processor
Power supply18W internal15W external
BluetoothBluetooth Low Energy 4.2Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
Smart home hubWorks with Apple HomeKitDoesn’t work with Apple HomeKit

if you’d like to know more about the differences, check out this other post I made on eero Beacons and their compatibility.

When it comes to compatibility, I would say the Orbis do a better job, but TP-Link Decos are the best in the industry currently.

If you’re considering a few options from other brands, take a look at Orbi Satellite Compatibility.

6. How to Connect eero Beacon?

It’s actually quite easy to connect the eero Beacon out of the box because it can be easily set up using the eero app.

You’ll need to first download the eero app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Here are the steps: to connect eero Beacon

  • Open the eero app
  • Tap the blue plus icon on the top right
  • Tap Add or Replace eero Devices
  • Tap Add eero Device
  • Follow the setup instructions to complete the installation

If you’d like to follow the steps in a video, watch this video:

7. Why Is eero Beacon More Expensive?

While researching on this topic, I realized that the eero Beacon is quite expensive for such a small product.

According to an eero developer from Reddit, there are 8 reasons why eero Beacons are more expensive:

  1. It is small, so only more expensive components fit inside of it. (PCB, thermal controls)
  2. It has fancier plastics on the outside so the molding tools to make it need to be replaced often.
  3. It has an integrated power supply that is more expensive than a USB power supply.
  4. It has very high-performance analog RF components like the eero Pro, which gives it higher transmit power and lower noise floor.
  5. It has a Thread-capable low power radio (like the eero Pro).
  6. It plugs directly into an outlet/power switch, which requires more safety testing than other eeros.
  7. It has a night light, which adds extra costs from a high-power LED, light pipe, and anti-spill coating on the inside.
  8. It has a built-in North American plug so it can’t be shipped internationally in the same volume as other products, adding to shipping costs.

Oh, by the way, check out what the eero Beacon night light looks like!

Amazon eero Pro mesh wifi system (1 eero Pro + 1 Beacon) โ€“ Totality  Solutions Inc.

Truly a Beacon of Light!

8. Is eero Beacon Waterproof?

eero Beacons are neither waterproof nor water-resistant. As such, eero Beacons are not suitable for outdoor usage, but for indoor usage. However, placing an eero outdoors while sealing it with a weatherproof demarcation box can give great WiFi coverage in outdoor spaces.

eero Beacons are simply not made to be used outdoors. They are delicate devices that were made for indoor home-usage.

However, that’s not to say that you have to give up on your WiFi-less backyard!

While doing some research, I have seen many cases of other people using what’s called a Demarcation Box – a weatherproof/waterproof box in which you can place your electronics/power switches in!

It can also be called a Junction Box or Connection Box!

Here are some helpful links to some examples of demarcation boxes used by real Reddit users on this forum.

Recommendation 1: SOCKiTBOX โ€“ Weatherproof Connection Box

Recommendation 2: Extreme Broadband Weatherproof Box


1. SOCKiTBOX Connection Box2. Extreme Broadband Box

Many times it can be worth putting in the effort to bring internet connectivity to the near vicinity of your house, as they can help in connecting home security devices such as smart doorbells and cameras.

9. Does eero Beacon Have Ethernet Port?

eero Beacons do not have an Ethernet port. eero Beacons can therefore not be used for wired backhaul or for direct connection to another device through an ethernet cable. However, eeros Beacons can still work in a mixed network of wired and wireless eeros.

When I pulled up the tech specifications of the eero Beacon, I saw that it had no Ethernet port:

Here’s what the eero Beacon looks like from the front (left) and back (right):

There seems to be no single port in sight! This is eero Beacons were designed with simplicity in mind, bringing a more subtle look to the scene.

10. How Many eero Beacons Do I Need?

2 eero Beacons per floor is a recommended number for multi-story houses. In larger houses, there may be a requirement to add more eero beacons to fill up all the dead WiFi zones. There are no limits to how many eero Beacons can be added to an eero mesh WiFi network.

The more eero Beacons you add, the longer and wider your range. So if you want to have more coverage, get more eero Beacons.

However, if you’re adding so many eero Beacons to your home, why not consider getting the brand new eero Pro 6E or eero Pro 6?

These new eero routers have a more stable WiFi 6 connection compared to eero Beacons at only WiFi 5.

They already come in 3-packs, and because they have a wider range, you don’t need to keep adding eero Beacons to make a strong WiFi connection at home.

If you’d like to extend the range, you can simply either purchase the 2-pack or 1-pack to add to the eero mesh WiFi network.

Again, note that there’s no limit to how many eeros you can add to the network!

After that, if you want to simply extend the range, and not an entirely new eero, you can consider getting the eero 6 extender.

11. Can I Add Eero Beacon to Existing Network?

eero Beacons can be added to existing networks if they are an eero network. eero Beacons can be easily added to an existing eero mesh WiFi network through the eero app. However, eero Beacons cannot be added to networks from other routers or brands.

eero Beacons are a little exclusive in that they can only work with other eeros. But that’s also a good thing because all eeros work together well!

This means that any device containing the word “eero” will work well and be compatible with each other, whether that be forward or backward-compatible!

12. Do I Need an Eero Beacon?

You will need an eero Beacon if you are using the normal eero. The eero works on WiFi 5, which works perfectly well with the eero Beacon on WiFi 5 too. The eero beacon will help to extend the range of your existing network on other eeros.

If you’re looking for a place to purchase one, do check out these links for the current prices:

WebsiteLinks to purchase
AmazonCheck price
Best BuyCheck price
eeroCheck price

13. How Fast is Eero Beacon?

The eero Beacon has ISP speeds of up to 350 Mbps and has an AC1300 speed rating. eero Beacons work on WiFi 5 instead of WiFi 6, so it is still slower than the eero, eero 6, and eero Pro 6.

Here are the full specifications of the eero Beacon, from their website:

Specificationseero Beacon
Dimensions211.8mm x 30.5mm (8.3″ x 1.2″)
Wifi standardsWi-Fi 5
Number of radios2; dual-band
Speed ratingAC1300
Coverage1,500 sq. ft.
Speed350 Mbps
Parental ControlsYes
Smart Home
No Smart Home Hub
Bluetooth 4.2
No Zigbee
Radio Frequency2.4 GHz: 2×2
5 GHz: 2×2
Ethernet portNone
App SupportiOS & Android

14. Do eero Beacons Work Well?

eero Beacons work well. eero Beacons can be used with any other eero in their lineup to extend the wireless range. eero Beacons allow for a seamless single SSID experience, unlike extenders. However, eero Beacons work on WiFi 5, and may not fully utilize the speeds from a WiFi eero router that is on WiFi 6.

15. What Is The Range of an eero Beacon?

The range of an eero Beacon can cover up to 1,500 square feet. The range of two eero Beacons can cover 1 floor of an average home. However, the range and strength of its signal are dependent on the building materials of the house, mirrors, layout, placement, and other interferences.

16. Can You Daisy Chain eero Beacons?

eero Beacons can be daisy-chained. eero Beacons act as access points or nodes that contribute to a mesh WiFi system. This enables them to connect to other eero Beacons in the same network established by a gateway eero.

Please take note that even though eero Beacons can be joined in the same network (daisy-chained), the existing network has to still be set up first by a gateway eero.

A gateway eero is basically the main eero that is directly connected via a cable to your modem to receive the internet from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This eero established the mesh WiFi network that eero beacons connect to!

This means that eero Beacons cannot simply create a mesh WiFi network of their own, but rather contribute to them!

17. Do eero Beacons Talk to Each Other?

eero Beacons do talk to each other because they are access points that contribute as nodes in a mesh WiFi system. As a result, eero Beacons can be daisy-chained in the same mesh WiFi network, but this has to be first set up by an existing gateway eero.

Final Thoughts

Once you have enough knowledge on the topic, eero Beacons are not as hard to understand as you think!

With a little reading and some research, you’ll well be on your way to being informed on what eero Beacons are and what they can do.

I hope that this article has provided you with enough information on you to make a decision to purchase an eero Beacon.

Thanks for reading this article all the way to the end, and stay smart!

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