7 Best DeFi Dashboard Tools: Track DeFi Protocols

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The number of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects is ever-increasing in 2023, and as an investor, it can be difficult to keep tabs on it all.

DeFi dashboards solve this problem by aggregating data from various DeFi projects into a single dashboard. This is done by simply connecting a web3 wallet or address to the web app of a DeFi dashboard.

Noting that it can be tiresome and difficult to find out which are the best DeFi dashboards out there, I took some time to research and share my advice on this topic – for both you and me!

I’ve got them all listed below, so read on to find out more!

What is the Best DeFi Dashboard?

When it comes to picking the right DeFi dashboard, it can be difficult to due to the many options. Here are the best that I’ve picked:

1) CoinStats DeFi Tracker

CoinStats DeFi Tracker is the best DeFi dashboard to connect your crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolios in a single platform.

Here are some things that you can expect in the tracker:

  • Track & manage all your DeFi assets.
  • Connect to 300+ wallets & exchanges.
  • Supports 8000+ coins and many blockchain networks
  • Swap on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon & many others via CoinStats DeFi Wallet.
  • Track NFT collections using AI-powered notifications

To get started, you can simply connect your wallet to their website, and you’ll see all your asset allocations on their platform.

2) Nansen Portfolio

Nansen Portfolio is the best DeFi dashboard that keeps track of all DeFi investments in one single place.

It supports a number of popular blockchains in the Crypto space, including Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, and many more layer-2 scaling solutions such as Arbitrum.

Note that Ape Board has moved to Nansen Portfolio, so you will find all the same large amount of supported protocols in Nansen Portfolio too!

Setting up with Nansen Portfolio as your DeFi dashboard is easy, you just need to connect your wallet (MetaMask, Wallet Connect, or Coinbase) or key in your web 3.0 wallet address.

Under the Nansen Portfolio Dashboard, you’ll find really useful information to keep tabs on all your DeFi protocols with one glance.

It displays your Net Worth, Total Assets, Token Allocation, and Protocol Allocation, all updated live!

Moreover, if you’d like to keep a history of transactions, for taxes or for other reasons, it also has a Transactions tab that allows you to track that. It will display things like the transaction itself, the interaction (wallet addresses involved), and the transaction fee.

Transaction History on the Nansen Portfolio DeFi dashboard

Under the Analytics tab, you’ll find a breakdown of the blockchains you have DeFi assets in – the Chain Allocation.

What makes Nansen stand out from all the other DeFi dashboards is its heavy focus on analytics which enables the ability to track your DeFi dApps investments over time.

Here’s the standout feature in the Nansen Portfolio: You’ll be able to view your asset worth, your performance compared to ETH and BTC, your daily P&L, and your Cumulative P&L over time!

With the Wallet and NFT profiler, you’ll also be able to track the proportion of cryptocurrencies and NFTs that move in and out of your DeFi portfolio – a game changer if you’re a crypto or NFT trader.

In my opinion, this makes the Nansen Portfolio one of the best Defi Portfolio trackers out there!

3) Zapper

Zapper is one of the most well-known DeFi dashboards to track your DeFi assets and for good reason!

Zapper allows you to keep tabs on your staking rewards, investments, and any liquidity providers and decentralized lending protocols.

The best part about using Zapper is that you can group up your different web 3.0 wallets in what they call bundles. How you can use this by choosing to bundle a few wallets you’d like to be used for a specific purpose.

Of course, the Bundles can be renamed according to whatever you please so you can categorize them easily!

Within the Zapper ecosystem, you’ll also easily discover new projects, DAOs, DeFi protocols, and NFT collections.

You’ll also easily view your total net worth, so you can rest easy at night at a glance πŸ™‚

If you’re looking for a popular and trusted DeFi portfolio tracker, Zapper is a great option too. This is because you’ll have access to most DeFi protocols, blockchains, and layer-2 scaling solutions.

4) DappRadar

DeFi Portfolio trackers like DappRadar are one of the hot favorite DeFi tools that lots of crypto investors love.

Created to track and keep tabs on dApps all over the web 3.0 space, under the Portfolio tab, you’ll easily find Net worth, tokens worth, and NFTs worth at a glance.

However, one drawback of DappRadar is that it only supports the Ethereum chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Under the Portfolio tab, you’ll find special views for Tokens, NFTs, POAPs, NFT Financial View, and Usage Stats. These are all great tools for you to manage crypto as a crypto portfolio tracker too!

More than just tracking, DappRadar also offers a unique Airdrops tab which will notify you of possible Airdrops from web3 projects.

If you’d like to have a feature-rich experience, you’ll also have access to an NFT Value Estimator, Token Swap, Token Explorer, and NFT Explorer.

DappRadar PRO also will give you an opportunity to stake, and provide liquidity to liquidity pools, receive notifications, and live data.

5) Zerion

Zerion is perhaps one of the best DeFi dashboards to manage your DeFi portfolio.

It allows you to connect your wallet to track and manage various DeFi protocols, all in one DeFi ecosystem.

You can easily start with Zerion by connecting a Zerion wallet, MetaMask wallet, a Coinbase wallet, or even your own hardware wallets.

Zerion’s selling point is that it’s a portfolio tracker that allows you to follow any DeFi assets such as wallet addresses, ENS handles, or NFT collections.

This way, you’ll keep abreast of what DeFi positions your influencers are in and what consists of their entire DeFi portfolio.

Zerion is a cross-chain DeFi dashboard, which means that it isn’t limited to the ETH ecosystem. You’ll be able to find bridges across multiple blockchains such as Polygon, Avalanche, and even layer-2 scaling solutions such as Arbitrum.

Zerion also scans all the popular DEXes to find the best deal to trade crypto, along with finding the fastest bridge and network to complete it.

6) Sonar Watch (For Solana)

Of all the DeFi dashboards mentioned in this list, Sonar Watch was created specifically to track DeFi services on the Solana blockchain.

While there aren’t many margin trading platforms that are also DeFi dashboards, Sonar Watch is one of the few DeFi dashboards that accommodates it.

Under one central dashboard, able to track NFTs, DeFi positions, Tokens, and LP Tokens from liquidity pools, Leveraged positions, Yield farms, lending, and borrowing positions.

You’ll also be able to track an address of your liking, whether that be an address of someone you know or a celebrity.

Under the Stats tab, you’ll also find statistics of the biggest gainers or losers, with their liquidity pools, Total Value Locked (TVL), and 24h % change.

You can also choose to go PRO when you hold 50 SONAR, which will grant you access to a multi-wallet connection, with the following features as listed on their site:

  • TVL, Supply, APR charts
  • Downloadable holdings report 
  • Swaps fees reduction (0.2% 👒 0.1%)

Other miscellaneous functionalities in this DeFi dashboard include swapping tools, calculators, and staking tools.

With such great features, in my opinion, Sonar Watch is one of the best portfolio trackers for anyone looking to track LP tokens in their liquidity pool of choice and track items in the Solana ecosystem.

7) DeCommas Portfolio Tracker

DeCommas offers a free-to-use and very comprehensive portfolio tracker as part of their app, which puts heavy emphasis on DeFi.

The DeCommas Portfolio tracker makes monitoring your blockchain wallets, and the assets associated with them a breeze.

The tracker not only allows you to effortlessly track assets and NFTs across multiple blockchains, but it also allows you to keep a track of protocols and DeCommas Strategies you are participating in.

Want to keep track of more wallets, including wallets that are not even yours? With the DeCommas Portfolio Tracker, you can add up to 5 wallets to your watch list to monitor their behaviors.

Of course, you can monitor the total worth of assets stored in your wallet and their change in value over time.

What is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Dashboard?

A Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Dashboard is an online tool that collects and displays data from various decentralized finance protocols in one place. With these dashboards, users can easily track their DeFi investments and yields in real-time.

How Do Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Dashboards Work?

DeFi dashboards are web applications that connect to your wallet and show you the values of each asset within it. Furthermore, they display graphs and analytics that help users understand how their investments have performed over time and compare them with other DeFi protocols or tokens.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, these are the best DeFi dashboards for managing and tracking your portfolio. I hope that this guide was helpful in helping you decide which DeFi dashboard best suits your needs!

At the end of the day, it’s best to remember to always do your own due diligence before investing in DeFi or any other crypto-related products. Be sure to use the best security practices and always keep your private keys safe!

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