7 Best Data Analytics Courses Singapore

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Learning data analytics is a daunting task – and that’s because we have so many options with in-person courses, online courses, and hybrid courses.

Trust me; I’ve tried all these different types of data analytics courses, which helped me land a job as a data analyst at SGH! πŸ“ŠπŸ₯

As it can be difficult to pick the best course to learn data analytics, I wanted to write this post to help budding/aspiring analysts like yourself make the career or industry switch well. πŸ™‚

In this blog post, I’ll cover all you need to know about the best data analytics courses Singapore has to offer.

Read on to find out more!

What are the Best Data Analytics Courses in Singapore?

Many institutions offer data analytics courses, but only some are the best.

Here is a list I’ve compiled that I think are the best courses you can take to learn data analytics:

1. Data Analytics Nanodegree by Heicoders Academy

Heicoders Academy is one of Singapore’s leading tech education providers that offers a high-quality yet affordable Data Analytics Nanodegree.

Their instructors are full-time practitioners from leading tech companies and have also studied at top universities worldwide.

Their courses are taught in an intuitive way, so even if you have zero technical background, you will still be able to understand the content easily.

They also have hiring partnerships with several companies and have successfully helped students transition to careers in data analytics.

Nanodegree Curriculum

  1. DA100: Data Analytics with SQL and Tableau
  2. AI100: Python Programming and Data Visualization
  3. AI200: Applied Machine Learning

The knowledge you gain from completing DA100 will be more than enough for you to start applying for data analytics-related roles.

However, I encourage you to take the full three courses to earn the nanodegree, as employers may need you to utilize Python programming for custom analyses and deploy an ML model down the line.

Key Features

  • Does not require any prior technical background
  • Very comprehensive coverage: Tableau, SQL, Python, and Machine learning
  • Complimentary career services to students upon completion of either DA100 or AI200
  • Course fees are fully covered by IBF (70% or 50%) + remaining course fees paid using SkillFuture Credits (30% or 50%)
  • A portfolio-ready project you can add to your resume
  • Have a student group with free career resources and network
  • Virtual classes conducted via Zoom by one instructor and two to three teaching assistants
  • Certificate upon successful completion


  • Taking the full Nanodegree can be time-consuming
  • Lessons are conducted online via Zoom
  • Content doesn’t cover Microsoft Excel

Bottom Line

If you want a fully claimable, highly-raved, and comprehensive nanodegree certificate that covers all the skills a data analyst needs, this is a great course for you!

In my opinion, this course is great if you have the time commitment to complete the nanodegree, which will provide you with enough knowledge to do a mid-career switch.

2. Machine Learning by Stanford University (Coursera)

This Machine Learning certification by world-renowned Stanford University is one of the best AI/ data analytics certifications out there.

The course covers a wide range of topics in machine learning, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, feature engineering, deep learning, model tuning & deployment, and more.

These also include specific areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, and many other trending AI and data science topics.

You will also get to work on real-world projects to apply your data science skills and knowledge.

For starters, this AI course will take you through how to build your own deep reinforcement learning model step-by-step.

Key Features

  • Taught by Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Coursera and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University
  • Over 100 hours of on-demand video content
  • Self-paced learning with flexible deadlines
  • Learn machine learning best practices
  • Learn how to build and train a neural network with TensorFlow
  • Learn how to build supervised machine learning models using Python libraries.


  • No offline access to course materials
  • Requires a strong foundation in mathematics

Bottom Line

This is an excellent course for those who want to get started with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

However, it is best suited for those who already have a strong foundation in mathematics.

You don’t need a computer science degree for this, but it’s better if you have one, because its machine learning curriculum is rigorous in nature!

3. Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics by NUS

The National University of Singapore offers Data analytics degrees that are of good quality with a solid curriculum and a professional certification that is recognized worldwide.

Students who take this course can expect to find a place in any type of industry, as modern tech companies are looking to hire talent who can perform data analysis.

The Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics focuses on building a good foundation in statistics and modes of analysis that will enable you to learn more about complex data science concepts in the future.

All undergraduates can expect to complete a comprehensive data analytics curriculum from one of the top universities in Asia: NUS.

As part of the curriculum, students will be required to complete Common Curriculum Requirements and Programme Requirements, which are specific to the degree.

What’s special about this data analytics course is that students will be able to undertake 3 main types of Programme Electives: Business Applications, Analytics Methods, and Technology Implementation.

In the Analytics Methods modules, you’ll be exposed to many learning opportunities such as learning the latest data analytics tools such as Hadoop, R, and Python programming language.

Through the Business Applications modules, you’ll learn how to transform raw data, analyze data, create valuable insights, and present data to stakeholders in a manner that makes business sense.

On top of that, the undergraduate programme offers the opportunity to read one or more specialisations namely the Financial Analytics Specialisation, Machine Learning-based Analytics Specialisation, and Marketing Analytics Specialization.

This means that you’ll be able to branch out from the basics and select the modules that you enjoy the most.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive curriculum that covers the basics as well as advanced topics.
  • Receive a Bachelor’s degree from a well-known recognized local university in Singapore
  • Combination of in-person and online learning methods
  • Opportunity to specialize in one of three specialisations: Financial Analytics Specialisation, Machine Learning-based Analytics Specialisation, and Marketing Analytics
  • Receive a Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) certificate


  • Takes a few years to complete; not a basic course
  • Very costly course fees
  • Has many prerequisites for entry into the data analytics course

Bottom Line

The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics from the National University of Singapore offers a comprehensive curriculum covering data analytics basics as well as specialisations that you can choose to focus on.

I recommend studying for this degree if you’re looking for a recognised university degree in business analytics!

However, if you are doing a career switch, then this data analytics course may not be too viable a choice for you!

4. Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics) by SP

Singapore Polytechnic is one of Singapore’s best Polytechnics that offers Specialist Diplomas tailor-made for anyone looking to upskill for a career switch.

This data analytics course in Singapore focuses on Data Analytics & Data Visualisation. It aims to equip its graduates with business intelligence skills that can be applied in varied sectors such as banking, insurance, and healthcare to name a few.

Throughout this entire course, students will learn to become data analysts by learning the fundamentals of data analysis such as statistics, programming for data science, data mining, and applied statistical methods.

On top of learning to be competent in analyzing data, graduates will learn how to prepare, develop models, summarize, and present data findings. These will be done through predictive analytics and descriptive models.

The data analytics course (Specialist Diploma) consists of 2 semesters which will award 2 data analytics certificates: PDC 1 Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science and PDC 2 Certificate in Data Analytics.

Semester 1: PDC 1 Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Statistics for Data Science
  • Module 2 – Introduction to Programming for Data Science

Semester 2: PDC 2 Certificate in Data Analytics

  • Module 3 – Data Mining Techniques
  • Module 4 – Applied Statistical Methods

Key Features

  • Receive 2 data analytics certificates and a Specialist Diploma
  • Mode of delivery: Facilitated Learning (Face-to-Face/ Online Synchronous) and Asynchronous E-Learning
  • Structured curriculum in 2 semesters which are completed in 1 year
  • Learn data analytics programming languages such as Python
  • Learn data science and data mining techniques
  • Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit


  • Does not cover big data topics
  • Fewer data science topics covered

Bottom Line

The Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics) by Singapore Polytechnic is suitable for individuals looking to upskill and transition into a data analytics career.

I recommend that you take this course if you are looking to obtain a data analytics certificate that can prove your education without breaking the bank. It is also claimable by SkillsFuture credit.

It covers a solid foundation for basic knowledge in statistical analysis and data analysis – all of which are important for a successful transition in your data science career.

However, this course may not be suitable if you are looking for in-depth knowledge of business intelligence, big data, and more data science topics.

5. Data Analytics Course: Singapore by General Assembly

This data analytics course by General Assembly is more than just a course; it’s a Bootcamp, and a well-known one among analysts around the world!

General Assembly provides data analytics training for students through their beginner-friendly course that doesn’t require prior knowledge such as a computer science degree.

The course focuses heavily on equipping aspiring business intelligence analysts and data analysts with relevant data visualization and analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau.

General Assembly’s course in Singapore is made valuable due to its professional network of data and business analytics global alumni. Your GA certificate will be recognized worldwide, you’ll have the chance to join a community.

The curriculum in this data analytics course is sufficient for complete data analytics beginners as it provides a very good hands-on approach to learning, with a focus on how to use data analysis tools.

Key Features

  • Receive a certificate from General Assembly
  • Join an exclusive community
  • This a highly beginner-friendly course that is great for anyone new to analyzing and presenting data
  • Learn how to use basic data analysis and data visualisation tools such as Tableau, SQL, and Excel
  • Looser eligibility criteria: you need to understand Excel, which you can attend a workshop on
  • Ends the course with a capstone project, which will test your data acquisition, cleaning, parsing, data visualisation, and presenting skills


  • Doesn’t teach you how to code in Python or R programming
  • Doesn’t teach you big data or artificial intelligence (AI) topics
  • Less structured curriculum compared to universities or polytechnics
  • Costly course fees

Bottom Line

This data analytics course by General Assembly is suitable for anyone who is new to data analysis, looking to get upskilled quickly, and become a certified data analyst.

The certification from GA is globally recognized and the course comes with an exclusive community of alumni you can be part of.

I personally would only recommend this course if you are looking to do light data analysis because they only teach you Tableau, Excel, and SQL, not complicated data pipelines built with Python, R programming, or cloud analytics platforms.

You can’t claim course fees using SkillsFuture, so take note of that!

6. Data Analytics Bootcamp by Vertical Institute

Vertical Institute is an alternative data analytics course to other more costly but well-recognized courses in Singapore.

The Data Analytics Bootcamp by Vertical Institute boasts alumni from popular tech companies from ByteDance, Airbnb, Meta, and Amazon.

The data analytics course focuses on in-demand data analytics training in tools such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau.

The course also requires students to develop their own capstone project to use the data analysis tools and skills they have learnt in solving a real-world big data problem in the fintech industry.


  • Pre-Work
  • Module 1: Data Analysis & Excel Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Introduction to SQL & Databases
  • Module 3: SQL Fundamentals
  • Module 4: Data Visualization Fundamentals
  • Module 5: Data Analysis With Tableau
  • Module 6: Dashboards & Storytelling With Tableau
  • Module 7: Advanced Tableau & Capstone Project
  • The Capstone Project

Key Features

  • Does not require prior data analysis experience in their eligibility criteria
  • The curriculum is taught by expert data analysts
  • Course fees are fully covered by IBF (70% or 50%)+ remaining course fees paid using SkillFuture Credits (30% or 50%)
  • A portfolio-ready project you can add to your resume
  • Classes are conducted online via Zoom
  • Certificate upon successful completion


  • A less recognized institute and certificate
  • Less in-depth curriculum compared to tertiary institutes
  • Does not cover programming languages such as Python or R

Bottom Line

If you are looking to get upskilled quickly and need the certificate to propel your data analytics career, then this course is suitable for you.

The curriculum is well-rounded, with a focus on practical data analysis projects in the fintech industry, which could be beneficial if you have an interest in this area.

I recommend this course in Singapore if you can claim the cost of the course fees fully! It’s a good chance for students to pick up skills in data analysis.

7. Data Analytics Course by Smartcademy

SmartCademy’s data analytics course is suitable for professionals who are looking to advance their data analysis skills.

I personally tried this course 2 years back and it helped me land a job. The course reveals valuable insights into the world of data analytics to students.

What’s special about this data analytics course is that it goes for an all-rounded approach to teaching you data analysis concepts.

Smartcademy designs its curriculum to cover the basics of data analytics, Python programming, SQL syntax, and Tableau dashboarding.

All these data analysis tools are highly valuable in the workplace today, and I found them very helpful when I started my data analyst job for the first time.

Singaporeans take note!

You’ll be able to have your course fees fully paid for if you are eligible for the IBF standards training scheme (70% or 50%) when you spend the remaining using credits from SkillsFuture.

After you finish the course, Smartcademy offers you post-course support by providing conducting free workshops on job finding, and data analysis concepts, and you’ll be invited to the alumni Telegram group.

Although no technical background is required, I would say that the content is comprehensive and intensive in Python programming and SQL syntax. So I would suggest you read up a bit first, but it would be great if you have some exposure to coding already.

The 7-day course finishes with a Capstone Project in which you have to produce 2 data visualizations and present findings from raw data sets you source yourself.


  1. Fundamentals & Data Analytics Landscape
  2. Introduction to Python
  3. Python Essentials I
  4. Python Essentials II
  5. Python Essentials III
  6. Introduction to SQL
  7. SQL Essentials
  8. Data Visualisation and Storytelling

Key Features

  • The course is conducted online via a live webinar
  • Teaches Python, SQL, and Tableau as BI tools for modelling data
  • Certificate upon successful completion
  • Assignments and assessments must be completed to promote data exploration among students.
  • 75% attendance required
  • Conducted over 8 lessons, 3 hours long each
  • Capstone Project Submission is required for Course Completion
  • Good for learning new skills in data visualization using Tableau


  • Can be too intensive for complete beginners
  • Does not teach advanced data science topics

Bottom Line

Smartcademy’s data analytics course is suitable for students and professionals alike who are looking to advance their data analysis skills.

As the course is not too beginner friendly, I would suggest getting familiar with Python programming in your own time before attempting to begin this course.

However, as the assessment and Capstone Project are mostly on Tableau, it is easy to get a passing grade to obtain the completion certificate.

I recommend this course if you’re Singaporean and are able to fully claim 100% using IBF and credits from SkillFuture. Also, the staff is friendly and claims were easy. Take this course if you’re looking to advance your knowledge beyond just Excel.

Is Data Analytics in Demand in Singapore?

Yes, data analytics is a field that is in high demand in Singapore. With the rapid growth of data-driven businesses, organizations are now leveraging big data to drive decisions and create insights.

Data analysts are needed in all industries to help create actionable insights from the data collected by companies.

As such, there is an increased demand for professionals with data analysis skills, particularly those who are well-versed in programming languages such as Python and SQL.

Taking a data analytics course in Singapore can help equip you with the essential skills to become a successful data analyst.

With advanced training and certification, you will be able to stand out from the competition and secure a position in data analytics.

Is Data Analytics a Good Career in Singapore?

Data analytics is an incredibly rewarding career in Singapore.

The demand for data analytics professionals is only increasing as more organizations realize the potential benefits of data-driven decisions.

Moreover, a data analyst’s job usually comes with higher-than-average salaries and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies. With the right certifications, you will have the chance to work on some of the best data analytics projects in Singapore.

If you have a passion for data science, then data analytics is definitely a great career path to pursue.

The best part about the data analytics industry is this: with just a quick course in data analytics in Singapore, you can land a job as a data analyst without any professional education.

Is Data Analysis Easy?

Data analysis is not an easy job, as it requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to think critically.

It also involves a significant amount of coding, data cleaning, and visualization. Plus, you need to be able to interpret data so that you can create useful insights and actionable plans.

In other words, data analysis is not a job for the faint of heart. However, with the right training and experience, you can become a successful data analyst.

If you are looking to get into data analytics in Singapore, you should consider taking one of the best courses in Singapore. These courses will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become a successful data analyst.

At the end of the day, data analytics is still an incredibly rewarding career in Singapore.

With the right certifications and experience, you can command impressive salaries and work on some of the most cutting-edge projects in the industry.

Do consider signing up for one of the best data analytics courses in Singapore I list in this article!

What’s the Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics?

Data science and data analytics are two related yet distinct fields.

Data science is the umbrella term used to refer to the process of extracting valuable insights from raw data using various methods in artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistical analysis.

On the other hand, data analytics focuses on analyzing existing data in order to gain insights into a particular topic or problem.

In other words, data science is the broader field of study, while data analytics is more focused and specific.

Data scientists typically use data analytics methods to gain insights into larger problems and develop solutions based on those insights. Data analysts, on the other hand, focus mainly on analyzing existing data in order to discover trends, patterns, and correlations.

Regardless of which field you are interested in pursuing, taking a course in Singapore can help equip you with the essential data analysis and data visualisation skills needed to become a successful data analyst or data scientist.

Why Take a Data Analytics Course in Singapore?

Taking a data analytics course in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular due to the country’s growing technological and business landscape.

A data analytics course provides you with the skills necessary to work in this field, such as using statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

I personally have benefitted from taking three courses in total in Singapore, which helped me land a data analyst job, and I encourage you to do so too!

Where can I study data analytics in Singapore?

You can study data analytics from either a university, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), or a short course funded by SkillsFuture Singapore.

Most data analysts either study for a degree or master’s in analytics or data science, take an online course from Coursera or take a short course from Vertical Insitute, General Assembly, Smartcademy, or Heicoders Academy.

How much is a data analytics course in Singapore?

A data analytics course in Singapore can range from just S$50 – S$58,000. However, the price of a data analytics course in Singapore varies depending on the institution and the nature of the course.

Online courses are much cheaper, and degrees offered by universities are much more expensive.

According to the sources I found:

General Assembly offers a course with 40 hours of instruction, but the price is not specified 1.

For citizens, the price for a course at NTU is S$39,000; for PR, it’s S$46,500; and for internationals, it’s S$58,000. NTU alumni are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition fees 2.

DataMites Institute offers an online data analyst certification course in Singapore with a 55% discount on course fees, however, the original price is not listed 3.

Simplilearn offers a Data Analyst course for $1299 4.

Vertical Institute and Lithan Academy also offer data analytics and data science courses, but their prices are not specified 5 6.

NTU also offers a practical application course in data analysis and analytics, but again, the price is not specified 7.

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Final Thoughts

Data analytics is an incredibly rewarding career in Singapore, with plenty of opportunities to grow and succeed.

If you have a passion for data, then taking one of the best data analytics courses in Singapore can give you the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful data analyst.

These data analytics training programmes will not only teach you the fundamentals of data analysis but also equip you with the necessary skills needed to succeed in the industry.

If you need more information on SkillsFuture Credits or funding support, make sure to check out their website and log in using your Singpass.

I hope you have found this article helpful in finding the best data analytics courses in Singapore.

Good luck and happy learning, jiayou!! πŸ™‚

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To unwind, Justin enjoys gaming and reading.

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