6 Best AI Art Generator Tools: Free & Paid!

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When it comes to making art, there are many different ways to go about it!

You can use traditional methods like painting and drawing, or you can start augmenting your content creation strategy using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Yep, you heard that right! AI can now generate art for you, and much faster than you can even output.

Utilizing AI art generators allows you to create pieces of art that are completely unique and totally automated too.

If you’re having difficulty finding out the best AI art generators, don’t worry, because, in this article, I will compare the best AI art generators available on the market today!

Read on to learn more about each of them and why I recommend them!

What is the Best AI Art Generator?

When it comes to the best AI art generator, there are a few good options that you can consider.

Here are some that I personally recommend:

1. Freepik AI Image Generator

Best User-Friendly AI Image Generator

Freepik is a market-leading pioneer in AI image generation technology. 

One of the best AI art generators out there, it places the user in the driver’s-seat, providing the best experience possible for all visitors.

Simply enter a descriptive prompt, select from its five styles, including digital art, and hit the generate button to watch your dream come to life. 

Take your chosen options to the next level using Freepik’s online editing tool, customizing them on the fly.

Key features

  • An in-depth introduction to AI image generation
  • Multiple styles to pick from 
  • Accurate image interpretation
  • Customizing on the go
  • Add text and graphic elements
  • Cropping, orientation, and scalability
  • Adjustable contrast, brightness, and saturation


  • Free usage is limited
  • Only four images can be generated at a time.

My Take

Whether used for graphic design, marketing projects, or creating content illustrations, the Freepik AI Image Generator tool, powered by Stable Diffusion technology, it’s able to deliver quality AI images in different formats, digital art, 3D images, and painting.

I like that it’s really user-friendly AND free, unlike other AI image generator tools.

2. Jasper Art

Overall Best AI Art Generator

Jasper Art is an AI art generator that uses its own proprietary GPT-3 software to generate art using just text!

Jasper is well-known among the blogging community for producing content as an AI writing tool.

Jasper Art, in particular, is known for its ability to create really unique images that many other tools struggle to generate.

You can simply put in simple text input prompts like: “puppy doing the dishes in the style of Picasso”. And it will work its magic.

Jasper Art suggests that you write your prompts in this style:

subject + description + style

Jasper Art is also undoubtedly one of the easiest-to-use AI art generators with a beautiful user interface!

To understand more about how Jasper Artworks, check out this video that they put out:

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Unlimited image generation
  • Monthly paid plan
  • Great for use alongside content on websites and blogs
  • Able to customize art styles in the image creation process


  • Harmful or Hateful images (can also be a good thing!)
  • Paid plan


  • $20 USD a month

My Take:

I really like Jasper Art! I think it’s a great AI image generator for any business or blogger looking to start using AI to generate AI art.

The key features are spot on, and the monthly price is actually quite reasonable.

I think the ability to generate unlimited images is a great feature, as you can always put in new prompts and iterate to make sure you get an AI art image that is satisfactory.

Overall, I think Jasper Art is a great tool and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into AI art generation!

3. NightCafe

Best Advanced AI Art Generator

NightCafe is a great AI art generator that was named after the painting “The Night Cafe” by Vincent Van Gogh.

As of October 2022, the NightCafe image generator generated more than 35 million realistic images through machine-learning models!

Out of all the AI art generators mentioned in this list, NightCafe is the most advanced of all the AI art generators.

In fact, they create realistic images that can’t be told apart from real art by actual artists.

NightCafe uses 4 different algorithms to create realistic images in order of decreasing drawing capability:

  1. Stable – Stable Diffusion (Most advanced Text-to-image)
  2. Coherent – CLIP-Guided Diffusion (Better composition Text-to-image)
  3. Artistic – VQGAN+CLIP (Original Text-to-image algorithm)
  4. Style Transfer (Image to AI image)

Note that only Style Transfer allows for an image input compared to the rest that use text as prompts to create art. This is a feature that not many other AI art generators don’t offer!

Style transfer really helps with taking a particular photo as inspiration to create your own AI-generated art in a very quick way.

The results are often quite dream-like and ethereal, which makes for some really beautiful pieces of art!

Also, if you’re looking to generate your own NFT, this is great for you as they have their own NFT generator.

Key Features:

  • Choice of 4 advanced machine-learning algorithms that create realistic images
  • The only AI art generator to offer Style Transfer, an algorithm to quickly generate AI art based on images
  • 35 million+ images already generated as of October 2022
  • Has a free trial of 5 credits for you to try!
  • Code-free
  • Cross-device usage


  • No unlimited usage
  • Less attractive user interface


There are 2 pricing options: By credit usage or by monthly subscriptions.

Credits are calculated as follows:

1 (resolution) * 1 (runtime) * 0.5 (images per creation)

Credit charge rates:

  • 40 credits: $7.99
  • 100 credits: $14.99
  • 200 credits: $19.99
  • 500 credits: $39.99
  • 1000 credits: $59.99
  • 2500 credits: $124.99
  • 10000 credits: $469

Monthly subscription plans:

  • AI Hobbyist: 100 credits for $9.99/month
  • AI Enthusiast: 250 credits for $19.99/month
  • AI Artist: 700 credits for $49.99/month
  • AI Professional: 1500 credits for $79.99/month

My Take:

NightCafe is an amazing AI art generator that produces some of the most realistic images I’ve ever seen!

The key feature of being able to use Style Transfer is really helpful as it means you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of how to generate AI art in order to create beautiful pieces of art.

In my opinion, the credit system they use is less ideal because it can get quite confusing with the usage and monthly subscription plans! I recommend you get the monthly plans for a better price 🙂

I would definitely recommend NightCafe to anyone looking for an advanced AI art generator!

4. PhotoSonic

Best Simple AI Art Generator

Photosonic is a great AI image generator that uses a latent diffusion algorithm to transform text prompts into an image.

Similar to Jasper Art, it’s also well known for its AI-writing assistant, Writesonic, which is popular among bloggers and content creators around the world.

If you’re looking to try it out for free, this ai image generator offers 10 image generation credits which you can use to generate 20 stunning images using natural text descriptions.

More credits can be earned by sharing the app with friends!

What’s best about this service is that it offers unlimited image generation unlike some others if you’re willing to pay for the premium monthly subscription plan or pay-as-you-go credits.

The monthly subscription plan starts at $10/month for 100 credits, but you can get it for $25/month for unlimited credits!

This can help if you are looking for flexibility with your AI image generation plans.

Key Features:

  • Credible name in the AI writing software space (Writesonic)
  • Flexible choice of different payment plans (pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription plans)
  • Has free trial


  • Basic user interface with fewer features
  • Has less advanced image-creation algorithms


  • The free trial is available with 15 credits.
  • The Monthly subscription plan starts at $10/month for 100 credits
  • Monthly subscription plan for $25/month for unlimited credits.

My Take:

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use AI image generator with fewer features and a more simplistic user interface, Photosonic might be the best option for you.

However, if you’re willing to pay for the premium monthly subscription plan, you can get unlimited image generation which is a great deal!

I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for budget AI art generators that can help augment a content creation strategy.

5. Artsmart.ai

Artsmart.ai is a great AI image generator that contains AI tools and supports different prompt styles, and different generation modes.

It has a great user interface that you can easily pick up even if you are using AI generator tools for the first time!

Key Features:

  • Has a great wealth of AI tools to choose from including removing background, generating AI avatars, accurate human posing for AI drawings, pose copycat, and more.
  • Customization options: Users have the flexibility to customize the generated images according to their specific requirements such as inpainting, upscaling, and changing poses.
  • Prompt styles: ArtSmart AI offers a diverse range of prompt styles such as Camera Setup, Camera Angles, Time, Weather, Painting, and specific Artist styles.
  • Generation modes: With standard, semi-realistic, and hyper-realistic generation modes, users can select the level of realism they desire for their images.
  • Additional features: ArtSmart AI provides preset management, a profile showcase, multiple image generation to save time, ArtSmart API integration for seamless workflows, and extended tune storage for enhanced customization. (Standard Plan)


  • Plans follow a credit system even though it’s paid monthly
  • Does not have a free plan so you can’t try it out

My Take:

ArtSmart AI offers a user-friendly interface, empowering users with the ability to generate high-quality images quickly and efficiently. With its wide array of customization options and prompt styles, it caters to a variety of creative needs.

However, it’s worth noting ArtSmart AI’s lack of free trial, which you won’t get to try before you buy.

For bloggers, SEO agencies, small businesses, and anyone seeking to generate visually compelling images at scale, ArtSmart AI is a valuable tool that combines ease of use with impressive results.

6. DALL-E 2

Best Free AI Art Generator

DALL-E 2 is a free online AI art generator by OpenAI that uses a GPT-3 algorithm trained on 12 million images from Unsplash to generate images from textual descriptions.

The second version, DALL-E 2 is an upgraded release of the older DALL-E, with 4x more resolution than before.

According to DALL-E 2, its caption matching is 71.7% more preferred than its previous version.

It’s open-source and you can find the code on their GitHub page.

The best thing about DALL-E is that it’s completely free to use!

There are no paid plans or credits needed, making it one of the best free AI art generators out there.

DALL-E can even make realistic edits to existing images from a natural language caption! This means that you give it an image and feed it some text prompts and it will produce an image in a similar style.

This is a combination of text-to-image and image-to-image algorithms that other AI art generators don’t have!

However, because it’s open-source, there is a lack of customer support if you run into any problems.

Here’s a video describing how AI-generated art is created by DALL-E 2!

Key Features:

  • Open-source algorithm
  • Can accept prompts from an image and a text to generate realistic images
  • Free-to-use
  • Worked on by OpenAI, a large open-source community so it has a great propensity to improve over time


  • No customer support
  • Fewer features compared to other AI art generators

My Take:

DALL-E is a great free online AI art generator that uses GPT-3 algorithm to generate images.

It’s open-source, and you can find the code on their GitHub page.

The best thing about DALL-E is that it’s completely free to use!

If you want to just make memes using AI art generators to share realistic images with your friends, this is the one you should try.

6. Midjourney

Best Realistic Image AI Art Generator

Midjourney is a new AI art generator that focuses on creating realistic images from textual descriptions.

In fact, it is the AI art generator that can generate the MOST realistic images out of the bunch listed here!

As the tool is still currently in Beta, to gain access to this AI image generator, you need to apply to the official waiting list.

Currently, the service is hosted on Discord, so you’ll need to join a room and type in a /imagine input to begin typing your text prompts.

I recommend taking some inspiration from the text inputs that others have made to get beautiful pictures.

It actually takes practice to get photo-realistic AI-generated photos that look practically indistinguishable from real photos.

Key Features:

  • Takes simple text prompts to generate images
  • Currently in Beta and easily accessible in Discord
  • Easy to use compared to other AI art generators
  • Has a free trial version if you are new to the service


  • Still in Beta so there may be some bugs
  • Fewer features compared to other AI art generators

My Take:

Midjourney is a great new image generator that focuses on creating realistic images from textual descriptions using AI.

I recommend taking some inspiration from the text inputs that others have made to get beautiful pictures.

It actually took some practice for me to get photo-realistic images, but it works really well.

What is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a computer program that creates images or videos based on a set of parameters that you provide. The best AI art generators use artificial intelligence to create images that look like they were made by humans.

Some popular examples of AI art generators include: Jasper Art, NightCafe, and Writesonic.

Final Thoughts

AI art generators can really help you utilize the power of modern machine learning to pump out large amounts of relevant content for your business/blog/ content creation strategy!

If you’re looking through, I encourage you to incorporate this incredible tool while it’s still in its early stages, as it’s very cheap compared to hiring graphic designers or artists!

I personally use them and recommend them for your content creation or meme creation needs!

That’s all I have for you! Thanks for reading, and all the best in trying the AI art generators out!

Justin Chia

Justin is the author of Justjooz and is a data analyst and AI expert. He is also a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) alumni, majoring in Biological Sciences.

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